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CUSTOM ILLUSIONS offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. You can place your trust in our reliable services. We can definitely find the right solution for you!

An Overview of Our Services                         

Window Tinting Company in St. Louis, MO 


Whether you are tired of driving with the sun beating down on your shoulders or you want to

decrease your home's electricity bills, ourexperts can help. Custom Illusions is a licensed and

insured window tinting company that offers tint services for every type of window. Our

technicians strive for perfection with every service. Make improvements to your home, car, or

business with tints. This quick upgrade offers privacy to your vehicle or building while also

making it more comfortable by blocking sunlight and heat. Trust us to be your one-stop

window tinting company in St. Louis, MO.

Lifetime Warranty Window Tinting - Window Tinting Company

Benefits of Getting Tint from

Our Window

Tinting Company

With more than 10 years of experience, our team

completes the most difficult of tints. When you reach out

to us for service, we let you know exactly how a proper

window tint will improve your vehicle or building.

Features for window tints include:

 Increased Privacy 

 Blocking of Harmful UV Rays

 Decreased Heating and Cooling Bills

 Reduced Glare on Interior or

Indoors Screens

 Preservation of Car Interior

and Building Décor 

 Improved Aesthetics from the

Home or Car's Exterior

One-Stop Window Tint Shop

From high-end yacht window tints to a car paint

protection film, choose our professionals as your

one-stop window tint shop. We offer mobile service so

you can continue with your day while we complete the

service you have scheduled. There is no job too small or

too big for us to complete with care and efficiency. Expect

quality results and superior service from our glass tint

shop. It is our goal to make sure every client can enjoy

 his or her newly tinted windows for years to come.



Auto Glass Tinting in St. Louis, MO


Are you tired of others being able to look into your vehicle? When you're concerned about your

safety and the safety of the contents of your car, update your vehicle's windows with affordable

auto glass tinting to keep prying eyes from looking in. For more than 10 years, the technicians

at Custom Illusions have completed every type of tinting service, including tints on entire fleets

of vehicles. There is no job too large or too small for auto glass tinting in St. Louis, MO.



Value Adding Features from Auto Glass Tinting

Keeping your vehicle safe isn't the only advantage of auto glass tinting. You'll instantly start

reaping all types of benefits with this value added update. The work our professionals

complete is always done according to the tinting laws designated by the state of Missouri. Your

new, legal tint will provide you with additional features that include:

 Reduced Glare

 Blocked UV Rays

 Deterring Thieves 

 Less Interior Fading

 Less Strain on Your Eyes

 Cooler Temperature Inside

 More Privacy while Driving

 Decreased Chance of Sunburn

Truck Glass Tinting for Your Vehicle

Give your truck the upgrade it deserves when you bring it to our professionals for tinting.

Talk with one of our technicians about having your windows tinted according to your darkness specifications. Because the front side windows legally need to be lighter than the back and

 side windows, you can choose two shades, or one, for truck or car windows.

We Provide Automotive Window Tinting for Car Fleets

Whether you are a dealer, provide vehicles for clients, or own a rental car company, our team

of experts can tint the windows of every vehicle in your fleet. Our company offers both mobile

tinting services and tinting at our own location. We tint your vehicles at your convenience and

stagger the service so you always have vehicles that can be used as the service is completed. 


Commercial Window Tinting in St. Louis, MO


When a potential customer passes your business, the way your building's exterior

looks can turn a person into a patron or a lost opportunity. Keep the exterior of your building

looking its best with tinted windows. Custom Illusions specializes in every type of window

tinting, including business, commercial, and retail windows. Let us show you just how

transformative a seemingly simple tint can have on the appearance of your building. There

is no job too large or too complicated for our professionals to complete. We know how to

work with different types of glass, including flat glass. Get a free estimate today for

commercial window tinting in St. Louis, MO.

Aesthetically Pleasing Business Window Tinting

The right tint changes the appearance of your building and makes it look more uniform. Depending on your needs, our experts will recommend the right film to use in the tinting of your windows. Some of the film options include:

Commercial Store - Commercial Window Tinting








 Dual Reflective

 Daytime Privacy 

 Outside Visibility

Free Estimates for Retail Window Tinting

Our experts are proud to offer affordable prices and accurate estimates to customers that are considering retail window tinting. We assess the square footage of your windows, help you determine the right film for your space, and calculate an estimate for you. We never surprise you with unexpected fees, and always extend warranty options to you at budget-friendly prices.

Reap the Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Don't let budgetary concerns hold you back from commercial window tinting. This service

pays for itself in the form of decreased energy bills. Many report up to a 50% price reduction

in heating and cooling costs after having tinting installed on their windows. In addition to

lower energy bills, flat glass tinting reduces the glare on the outside of your building. The

right tint reduces the glare reflected on your storefront so passersby can easily see the wares

you have displayed. If you do not have a storefront, a dark tint makes it difficult for people

to see inside your office building, which increases your privacy and security. When a thief

cannot see what you have in your office, they are more likely deterred from attempting a



Residential Window Tinting in St. Louis, MO


Upgrade your home with a functional and transformative update when you invest in the

affordable option of residential window tinting. Custom Illusions specializes in every type of

tinting project, including home windows. 

Two-Story House - Residential Window Tinting

We complete the most difficult of projects so that you reap

the benefits of a home with tinted windows. This includes

increasing the security and privacy of your home, giving your

family the peace of mind they deserve to feel safe in their

home. From increasing your home's comfort to decreasing

your energy bills, now is the time to upgrade with residential

window tinting in St. Louis, MO.

The Advantages of Residential Tinting for Your Home

Just as your car can have tinted windows, so can your home.

There are many benefits associated with house window

tinting, which relate to both the appearance and functionality

of your building. Some of the features of this investment are:

 More Privacy

 Stronger Glass 

 Increased Security 

 Reduced Glare

On Screens 

 Decreased Home

Cooling Costs 

 Protection From

Broken Glass 

 Uniformity On the

Home's Exterior

 Less Exposure

to Damaging UV


 Decreased Fading

of Home Furnishings


Home Tinting Pays For Itself Within a Few Months

While there is a cost associated with home tinting, the service easily pays for itself in your savings on heating and cooling bills. It is estimated that homeowners save up to 50% on their monthly bills after they add tint to their windows. The savings occur year-round because you minimize heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The savings cost alone makes window tinting a sound investment for your home.

Get the Look of an Upgrade

with Home Window Tinting

When a neighbor sees your newly tinted windows, they will think you have upgraded your home. You can get the look of this expensive, highly desirable upgrade at a fraction of the price with professional house window tinting. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field and strive for perfection with every service. You deserve windows with a consistent look across your home's entire façade. 

Marine Glass Tinting in St. Louis, MO


Add style and functionality to your boat with marine glass tinting. Custom Illusions is a

company that specializes in all types of tinting services for cars, boats, and buildings. When

you are boating with your family and friends, it is best to take every precaution to make

your day enjoyable for everyone on the boat. Even something that seems simple like marine

glass tinting in St. Louis, MO, can make your boat safer to drive by reducing glare and more

comfortable to everyone aboard.

Mobile Marine Glass Tinting Services

Before your next day out on the boat, turn to our team for mobile tinting services. We come to your location and complete the service with minimal disruption to your day. For more than 10 years, our professionals have worked in the field of window tinting which means we are prepared for every type of service. In a few short hours, we will improve your boat for the better by making it more comfortable with a marine glass tinting service.

Fishing Boat - Marine Glass Tinting

Free Estimates from Our Boat Glass Tinting Team

Improve your boat by investing in a budget-friendly update. Schedule a service with our boat window tinting team, or ask our experts for a free estimate if you are thinking about tinting. We simply calculate the amount of tinting you need, determine the right tint to add to your boat, and give you an accurate estimate for the proposed service.

Benefits of Marine Window Tinting

Just as you can tint the windows of your car or truck, adding tint to the windows of your

boat comes with the same type of benefits. With the right UV protective tinting product,

your vessel stays protected from fading and cracking caused by excessive sun exposure. In

addition, your boat's technology, such as radios, emergency equipment, and speakers, are

all safer once protected from sun exposure. 
In addition to extending the life of your boat, tinting will reduce the heat on-board the

vessel and make it safer for you to drive on the water. Tinted windows reduce the amount

of glare you get off the water when trying to navigate and ready your sonar equipment.


Auto Body Repair in St. Louis, MO


When you need affordable and reliable auto body repair service, choose the professionals at our

auto body repair company. Whether you have been in an accident and need immediate body

repair service or you are ready to get those dents and dings removed from your vehicle, we are

ready to help your vehicle look like new again. 
At our auto body repair facility, we work on all makes and models of both foreign and domestic

cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Our skilled and certified mechanics are available

six days a week for your convenience. Unlike most of the other auto body repair shops in the

area, we remain open for business on Saturdays because we know that your time is valuable

and your weekdays may be busy.

RV - RV Glass Tinting

Free Estimates & Price Quotes on Auto Body Repair

No matter what type of body work and auto body

repair that you need for your vehicle, we always

provide our customers with free estimates and

honest price quotes before we begin the repair

process. You will always know the exact price of

your repairs because we deliver accurate estimates

and never include surprise fees as some auto body

repair shops might do.

Comprehensive Auto Body Repair Service Options

Allow the expert technicians from our auto body

repair company to perform a thorough examination

of your damaged car, truck, van, or SUV to

determine the best course of action to repair it.

We work effectively and efficiently when we inspect

your vehicle without sacrificing quality. Let us find

every damaged portion on your vehicle's body and

begin the repair process so that you can get back on

the road sooner than later. From removing minor

dents from your side panels and bumpers to

completely restoring your ride after a vehicular

accident, we do it all at our auto body shop. Thanks

to our auto body repair service options, you will

find yourself back in the driver's seat in no time.

Your Go-To Location after a Collision

After you have taken care of the initial paperwork and logistics involved with a car accident,

make our auto body repair company the next place you call. We can schedule an appointment

for you six days a week. The mechanics at our company pride themselves on their ability to

effectively repair any type of damage to cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in record time. Backed by

years of experience, our skilled technicians have provided auto body repair solutions to

thousands of vehicle owners.


Auto Dent Removal Shop in St. Louis, MO


No one wants to drive around town in a car or truck covered in dents and dings. These

imperfections make your vehicle look bad and stand out in the worst way possible. Revitalize

your car or truck by visiting our auto dent removal shop. We specialize in restoring any size

vehicles quickly and at great prices. After we wrap up, your car or truck will be back to its

pristine condition. Our teamoffers paintless dent removal to help protect your vehicle's

body even more. We work on all makesand models, including domestic and foreign vehicles.

As your local car dent removal shop, rely on us to get you back on the road quickly.

Restore Your Vehicle with Paintless Dent Removal 

Hail, door dings, and poor road conditions all create unsightly dings in your vehicle. Restore its original beauty with our dent repair service. We use the latest techniques to fix the body of your car or truck. Our mechanics remove any lingering traces of dents without having to restore to extreme measures like removing parts. Paintless dent removal pops out dings quickly and without compromising the paint job. This helps you retain the value of your vehicle and avoid a large bill. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for getting rid of dents. 

Hail, door dings, and poor road conditions all create unsightly dings in your vehicle. Restore its original beauty with our dent repair service. We use the latest techniques to fix the body of your car or truck. Our mechanics remove any lingering traces of dents without having to restore to extreme measures like removing parts. Paintless dent removal pops out dings quickly and without compromising the paint job. This helps you retain the value of your vehicle and avoid a large bill. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for getting rid of dents.


Add Value to Your Car or Truck with Dent Removal Service 

Whether you're looking to sell your vehicle or just want it to look its best, our dent removal

service has you covered. Getting rid of dings goes a long in adding value to your car or truck.

One of the first things a potential buyer looks for is imperfections in the body. Ensure you get

the best offer by bringing your vehicle in for service by our skilled technicians. We keep our

prices low so you can get maximize the value of your car or truck. 


Our Car Dent Removal Shop Helps You Avoid Future Repairs

Many people think auto body repair is only necessary after an accident. However, small dings

can add up to serious damage over time. Avoid costly repairs by receiving dent removal service

today. We inspect every inch of your vehicle's body to ensure that we don't miss a single

detail. The mechanics at our auto body shop help you avoid costly repairs by removing dings

before they become larger.


Auto Paint Repair Service in St. Louis, MO


Nothing detracts from how your car or trucks looks more than imperfections in the paint job.

Restore the beauty of your vehicle with our auto paint repair service. We work on all makes and

models so there's never a need to go somewhere else. Our mechanics perfectly match the color

of your car or truck and make chipped paint disappear. Rely on us to produce a smooth and

seamless paint job that you won't want to wait to show off.


RV - RV Glass Tinting

Fast and Friendly Service at Our

Auto Paint Repair Shop

Our entire team prides itself on delivering fast

and friendly service along with meticulous

workmanship. We understand that you want to

get back on the road, which is why we focus on

restoring your paint job quickly. At our auto

paint repair shop, we start by inspecting the

entire vehicle in order to make sure every

scratch or chip is found. After mixing the

perfect shade for your car or truck, our team

gets to work right away. We never miss a detail.

You can rely on our auto paint repair shop for a

high-quality restoration that won't break the


Automotive Paint Repair Shop

Dedicated to Quality

We understand that your car or truck is

important to you, which is why we focus on

quality at our automotive paint repair shop.

Whether you have chips in your paint or just

want to refresh the coat, our team has you

covered. We take time to properly prepare the

surface before applying high-quality paint. As a

result, you get a stunning looking vehicle ready

for the road again. Enjoy the best looking car or

truck around with our service from our auto

painting technicians. 


Add Value to Your Car or Truck

The first thing people notice about a car or truck is its paint job. It's almost inevitable that your

car or truck will receive small chips or scratch from driving. Maintain a smooth finish by

stopping by our reputable shop. A restored paint job instantly adds value to your vehicle. You

won't believe how many heads with turn after you leave our garage. Make your car or truck

look new again with our auto paint repair service. 


Avoid Damage by Receiving Paint Restoration Today

After a while, normal wear and tear from the road will create small fissures and imperfections

in your vehicle's paint. The winter is especially rough on cars and trucks because of the salt on

the road. These cracks add up over time, and if you don't restore the paint, they could cause

serious damage to your vehicle. Don't hesitate to visit our auto paint repair shop to help

prevent having to repaint your entire car or truck. 


Car Paint Protection Films in St. Louis, MO


Make a long-term investment in your vehicle by adding a protective film on your vehicle

to preserve paint color. Custom Illusions specializes in window tinting and automotive

protective film installation. Easy to add to your vehicle, this clear film makes it so you never

have to think about the wear-and-tear your paint color experiences. Keep your car looking

newer for longer with car paint protection films in St. Louis, MO.

Since the hood of your car endures the most of the damage caused by driving, this is the primary place to add a protective film. Other areas this nearly invisible feature can be added to your car include the fenders, side-view mirrors, and front bumper. Adding a clear automotive protection paint film to your car prevents damage from:








 Road Debris

No One Will Notice Your Clear Automotive

Paint Protection Film

If you are worried about the way a clear film will look

once it is added to your vehicle, allow us to show you

what it looks like. You will be pleasantly surprised to

see that the film is not easy to spot. In addition, our

high-end products never crack or get yellow from sun

exposure. It is easy to remove in case you change your

mind about having it on your car.

Car Paint Protection Films for Harsh Winters & Summers

One of the most distinguishing features of a vehicle is the color of the paint. As your car ages,

the paint takes a beating due to environmental factors. Car paint protection films preserve the

color of your paint and protects from damage caused by daily use of the vehicle. 
In a climate with harsh winters and summers, adding this layer of protection keeps your car

looking new for significantly longer. One day soon, you will see a car the same year and color

as yours on the road and you will notice that your paint looks better because you have a

protective layer on the car.


Vehicle Wraps in St. Louis, MO


Transform your car or truck almost instantly with our vehicle wraps.These graphics can

feature anything you can imagine. Wraps are perfect for advertising your business or for

people who want their cars to pop while out on the road. We install our vehicle graphics

seamlessly, giving you a pristine finish that lasts. Once you're ready to get something different,

stop by our garage for new car wraps. 



Get Ahead in Advertising with Custom Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great way to expand your

company's visibility in the community. Our eye-catching

designs pull in potential customers as you drive around

town. This maximizes your advertising reach. Let our

team work with you to create perfect vehicle wraps for

your business. We provide custom decals for single cars

or entire fleets. Make sure your company gets the

exposure it deserves with our vehicle graphics.

Sleek and Stylish Car Wraps

It's easy to keep up with the latest trends when you stop

by our garage for truck and car wraps. The decals go on

easily and can be removed just as quickly. Many of our

customers are looking for a matte or carbon fiber finishes

without restoring to painting. We provide high-quality

vehicle graphics that make you really stand out. The

possibilities are nearly endless at our garage.

Protect Your Vehicle's Paint

All of our vehicle wraps protect your paint from normal wear and tear. They guard against

scratches, bugs, and chips in the original paint job. You even avoid fading caused by harmful

UV rays. Wraps keep your vehicle in top shape all year long. If you notice any imperfections,

fixing is as easy as replacing the wrap. Make car maintenance easier on yourself by getting

stunning vehicle graphics at our shop. 

Wraps are a great option if you are leasing your vehicle or are planning on selling it later. Once

when you're ready to turn it back in to the dealership, you just peel off the decal to reveal the

paint job still in pristine condition. Potential buyers will also appreciate that you kept your

vehicle's paint in such great shape. 

Fast and Precise Installation

Our experienced team provides professional installation for your new vehicle wraps. You won't

find any bubbles or imperfect corners once we finish up. We only use the best materials.

Anything less does not keep in line with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Turn to us

as your go-to garage for vehicle graphics that look great.

CALL us to learn more about our gorgeous vehicle wraps. We serve clients in St. Louis,

Clayton, Chesterfield, Sunset Hills, and Creve Coeur.

our auto body shop when you need repairs for your vehicle. We fix damaged auto bodies for vehicle owners all over St. Louis, Clayton, Chesterfield, Sunset Hills, and Creve Coeur, Missouri.

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